Part 28: In the Shadows

Much to Derik’s surprise, it was incredibly easy to sneak into Digenesis Pharmaceuticals. He had been lingering in the shadows of an alley just across the way from the front entrance to his father’s building, carefully planning how he would infiltrate Marcus’s sanctum. Derick watched guards mingle around the entrance and he knew from previous […]

Part 27: Mutually Assured Distraction

Ghol’Toruk climbed the old, metal stairs. Each step threatened to buckle under his weight, but this familiar climb merely liked to call out its creaking protests. Ghol appreciated the feeling of isolation he felt while tucked away in the deep recesses of this parking garage. It was abandoned and unused; a urban renewal project that […]

Part 26: Gift Horses

After a moment, Oliver turned and threw the empty whiskey glass. It struck the wall and left a deep dent in the plaster before shattering, spraying thick pieces of sticky glass all over the carpet. “God damn you,” Oliver hissed. “God damn you, Marcus.” Marcus had his sister. Marcus had Elaine. What was he going […]

Part 25: Whiskey

Oliver stood in the elevator as it ascended. His mouth was suddenly dry. He again and again checked that all of his weapons were ready. The steady thrum of the elevator was his only companion. The elevator slowed and then finally stopped. The doors unceremoniously opened. Before him a wall of windows. The room was […]

Part 24: Fair Fights

Shading his eyes, Oliver looked up at the immense building in front of him. It seemed like every time he came to visit Marcus, the Digenesis Pharmaceuticals building was taller. “Very subtle, Marcus,” Oliver whispered to himself, tucking his hands into his pockets. “Very, very subtle, and well hidden.” After a moment of consideration and […]

Part 23: Acceptance

Grace reached into the shower and turned the water on.  She held her hand in the spray, testing temperature. “Well, get talking.” Grace said.  Her frustration was still bubbling at the surface, but she figured she’d wait to understand Alice’s part of the story before chewing her out. She unbuttoned her pants, threw off her […]

Part 22: Explanations

After a brief moment of darkness and a feeling like a soft wind on her face, Grace opened her eyes to see she was standing in her apartment alongside Andy. Grace had never been particularly sentimental about anything, but after such a chaotic day filled with new, strange things, coming home felt safe. It felt […]