Part 18: Silver Bullet

“I don’t know what Ghol’Toruk wants and I don’t care,” Oliver said, pressing the barrel of his shotgun into the creature’s groin for emphasis. “You tell him that if he wants something from me, he can come down and ask me himself.” The creature hesitated for a moment, flinching each time the cold metal of […]

Part 17: Spouts and Shouts

Oliver made a dash for the bar.  The monster lunged for him, and with a swing of one of its arms it neatly bisects the door diagonally.  Oliver landed hard on his side and scrabbled up the narrow bar and reached deep underneath.  His fingers prodded the object he was looking for, and he pulled […]

Part 16: Fight and Flight

Her muscles were hot and painful, screaming out in protest every time Grace moved, but she didn’t care. She entire body was trembling, vibrating like the prongs of a tuning fork, but she didn’t care. Grace’s body was alive with power, but Grace’s mind was blank. All she could think about was getting the creature […]

Part 15: Stack the Deck

Stinson stared down at Grace.  It seemed his illusion was convincing enough.  Might not have passed if Derick and Walter were still up, but Grace was new to this side of the city. He kept staring as she looked up at him, blinking against the bright light. She was trying to figure it all out. […]

Part 14: The Landing

Alice landed gracefully, her feet tucked beneath her and her knees bent. She looked as if she had just curtsied rather than jumped from the window of a skyscraper onto a concrete sidewalk. After a brief moment, she stood, smoothed out her dress, and began to walk. She had no destination in mind, no plan. […]

Part 13: Stand

They had finally found her.  All this time they thought she was lost, and then Marcus sent a messenger.  He told them that the fighting needed to end.  And he knew just the offer to make.  They knew where the girl was, and graciously told them.  As long as it could bring an end to […]

Part 12: The Meltdown

“What the fuck is that?” Grace blurted out, breaking the tense silence that had fallen over the table.   At the sound of her voice, Derick snapped his head around to look at her, dropping his fork and pushing his chair back. Wonton finally turned to look, his eyes widening. “Shit,” Wonton hissed, standing up […]