Pausing and Reworking

Hello to our few dedicated readers! The current story is going to end, and we apologize for the abruptness. Emily and I have had some struggles keeping the story moving forward, and staying it coherent. It’s a lot more work than we thought trying to plan a story together, without planning it! Emily and I […]

Part 51: The Creature Within

Ghol’Toruk turn and sprinted up the passage way. Behind him he heard something large explode out of the water. His foot steps suddenly sounded loud to his ears as he ran towards the shaft. There was a loud, wet slap against the wall right behind him. There was a terrible gurgling sound that rumbled and […]

Part 49: The Well

Ghol’Toruk had been summoned to the Well. The parking structure suddenly felt smothering. The Arc’Forrulg were a cave dwelling people. They were used to the dark; they could see in the dark. As a people, they were never worried about what could hide in the shadows. Stories about creatures that lurk under beds, or in […]

Part 48: Where It Began, and Where It Begins

Alice’s eyes opened to the┬ásnap of someone shifting into the apartment. She was laying in Grace’s bed with a blanket draped across her. A dream was quickly leaving her mind, a dream of a peaceful eternity, of a floating, quiet ocean. Derek. She slowly sat up, and then pain erupted from her sternum down to […]

Part 46: Deep Water

The tinkling of glass around Andy was satisfying. It felt so good to weave her manifestation in and out of the Digenesis Pharmaceuticals building. Windows shattered, and she heard screaming and shouting. Even through the stain of her anger she avoided trying to hurt people; other than those trying to harm her. Many of those […]

Part 44: The Cage

The lobby of the Digenesis Pharmaceuticals building was deliberately designed to be plain. Grey carpeting that was vacuumed nightly. White and grey painted walls adorned with nondescript, flowery paintings. Black rectangular furnishings. In one corner were a couple chairs and coffee table. Nearby stood a small, wooden console with a wiped down Keurig. Three of […]

Part 42: Resolve

Marcus finished his drink in silence, allowing his son to mull over the words. Derek was staring at the ground. His head was slumped forward, but the bindings held him to the chair. The bookshelves in this room always comforted Marcus. They were ever still, filled with knowledge, and never acted out. Sometimes Marcus would […]