Part 18: Silver Bullet

“I don’t know what Ghol’Toruk wants and I don’t care,” Oliver said, pressing the barrel of his shotgun into the creature’s groin for emphasis. “You tell him that if he wants something from me, he can come down and ask me himself.” The creature hesitated for a moment, flinching each time the cold metal of […]

Part 16: Fight and Flight

Her muscles were hot and painful, screaming out in protest every time Grace moved, but she didn’t care. She entire body was trembling, vibrating like the prongs of a tuning fork, but she didn’t care. Grace’s body was alive with power, but Grace’s mind was blank. All she could think about was getting the creature […]

Part 14: The Landing

Alice landed gracefully, her feet tucked beneath her and her knees bent. She looked as if she had just curtsied rather than jumped from the window of a skyscraper onto a concrete sidewalk. After a brief moment, she stood, smoothed out her dress, and began to walk. She had no destination in mind, no plan. […]

Part 12: The Meltdown

“What the fuck is that?” Grace blurted out, breaking the tense silence that had fallen over the table.   At the sound of her voice, Derick snapped his head around to look at her, dropping his fork and pushing his chair back. Wonton finally turned to look, his eyes widening. “Shit,” Wonton hissed, standing up […]

Part 10: Reunion

Coughing, Alice sat up. She glanced at the window again, reconsidering leaping to freedom, before she turned to face the man. Fight or flight, Alice thought to herself as she stared up at this mysterious man. Guess it’s time to fight. Alice might not be physically strong, but she had other strengths. “I don’t know […]

Part 8: Underwear

“I really should get back out there,” Derick groaned, standing up from the couch. He stretched out his arms and cracked his neck before grabbing his bag from the floor. “She’s in class, but if I’m late to tail her again, Andy’s going to have my head.” “If Alice doesn’t already have it,” Wonton added […]

Part 6: Alice’s Weakness

“Why are you smiling?” Wonton asked, dumping his meager breakfast onto a paper plate and walking around the counter into the living room. “She’s going to be mad.” Derick rifled through his bag, pulling out a very dated flip phone. “She’s always mad,” Derick sighed, rolling his eyes. “Let’s get this over with.”   He […]