Part 8: Underwear

“I really should get back out there,” Derick groaned, standing up from the couch. He stretched out his arms and cracked his neck before grabbing his bag from the floor. “She’s in class, but if I’m late to tail her again, Andy’s going to have my head.” “If Alice doesn’t already have it,” Wonton added […]

Part 6: Alice’s Weakness

“Why are you smiling?” Wonton asked, dumping his meager breakfast onto a paper plate and walking around the counter into the living room. “She’s going to be mad.” Derick rifled through his bag, pulling out a very dated flip phone. “She’s always mad,” Derick sighed, rolling his eyes. “Let’s get this over with.”   He […]

Part 4: Leaving Post

Steam poured out of the bathroom, fogging up the apartment windows. Wonton liked to take incredibly warm showers. Stepping out of the bathtub, he grabbed a towel from underneath the sink. His hair, which he had pulled loose before stepping into the shower, stuck to his neck and cheeks in thin ringlets. He wrapped it […]

Part 2: The Assignment

Nibbling thoughtfully on the tart, green skin of the grape, Wonton looked about the small apartment he shared with Grace. It was a modest, one-bedroom apartment with an open floor plan and a decent view of a dirty side street below. Wonton had been living with Grace for a year now, but it never ceased […]