Part 24: Fair Fights

Shading his eyes, Oliver looked up at the immense building in front of him. It seemed like every time he came to visit Marcus, the Digenesis Pharmaceuticals building was taller. “Very subtle, Marcus,” Oliver whispered to himself, tucking his hands into his pockets. “Very, very subtle, and well hidden.” After a moment of consideration and […]

Part 22: Explanations

After a brief moment of darkness and a feeling like a soft wind on her face, Grace opened her eyes to see she was standing in her apartment alongside Andy. Grace had never been particularly sentimental about anything, but after such a chaotic day filled with new, strange things, coming home felt safe. It felt […]

Part 20: Going Home

For a moment, everything was still. Alice, Grace, and Andy all stood in silence, listening to Derick’s muffled sobs as he pressed his face into Walter’s tangled hair. Alice stood quietly over her brother. Grace rubbed her arms anxiously, blood still dripping down her face and onto her shirt. Andy turned away, wanted to give […]

Part 18: Silver Bullet

“I don’t know what Ghol’Toruk wants and I don’t care,” Oliver said, pressing the barrel of his shotgun into the creature’s groin for emphasis. “You tell him that if he wants something from me, he can come down and ask me himself.” The creature hesitated for a moment, flinching each time the cold metal of […]

Part 16: Fight and Flight

Her muscles were hot and painful, screaming out in protest every time Grace moved, but she didn’t care. She entire body was trembling, vibrating like the prongs of a tuning fork, but she didn’t care. Grace’s body was alive with power, but Grace’s mind was blank. All she could think about was getting the creature […]

Part 14: The Landing

Alice landed gracefully, her feet tucked beneath her and her knees bent. She looked as if she had just curtsied rather than jumped from the window of a skyscraper onto a concrete sidewalk. After a brief moment, she stood, smoothed out her dress, and began to walk. She had no destination in mind, no plan. […]

Part 12: The Meltdown

“What the fuck is that?” Grace blurted out, breaking the tense silence that had fallen over the table.   At the sound of her voice, Derick snapped his head around to look at her, dropping his fork and pushing his chair back. Wonton finally turned to look, his eyes widening. “Shit,” Wonton hissed, standing up […]