Part 52: A Gentle Touch

“What…the fuck is the well?” Grace snapped, turning back to Derek. Derek still hovered over her protectively, keeping the gun aimed at Oliver. “Something is coming up the well?” Derek said, his voice wavering slightly. The anger had gone out of his eyes, the color drained out of his face. “Yes,” Oliver said, nodding slightly. […]

Part 50: The Overlap

Rising. Grace was rising, swimming up toward the light. The world around her was cold and quiet, as if she was coming up for air after diving into a deep, dark lake. Except, something was off. It was as if her edges were blurred, the boundaries of her body pushing out and blending with the […]

Part 48: With a Gun

“Was he here?” Grace whispered, looking down at the drying blood and torn ropes in Marcus’s. Fear coursed through her. Were they too late? If Derek was dead, was Alice gone too? Grace didn’t truthfully understand the link between Derek and Alice, but she understood that what happened to one happened to the other. All […]

Part 47: Floating

Derek felt as if he floating, adrift on a foggy, dark sea. Somewhere in the distance, he could hear the security alarms blaring, but he didn’t care. For the first time in a long time, he felt nothing. No pain, no fear, no anger. Just peace. Was this what it was like to be a […]

Part 45: Incursion

At first, everything was quiet and calm. Oliver and Grace crouched on the roof of a nearby building, watching the windows of Digenesis and waiting for the signal. Then, a loud crashing noise followed by the tinkling of broken glass hitting concrete. Faint popping noises of gunfire. Distant screams. That was the signal. It was […]

Part 43: Bad Memories

In the end, it was just a building. But, for Andy it was more. Standing outside Digenesis Pharmaceuticals, looking up to where the mundane building scrapped the skies, Andy felt a weight in her stomach, as if she had swallowed a stone. A stone with ragged edges that not only threatened to tear out the […]

Part 40: Godly Fear

“She some type of supernatural whore, then?” “There’s more to life than sex, my son,” Marcus sighed. “I know it’s hard for you to understand that the world doesn’t begin and end with your genitals. Walter never told you differently, did he?” “What?” Derek snapped his head up. “I’m not stupid,” Marcus sighed again. “Much […]