Part 9: Rat Bastard

The golden hair main glanced down at himself reflexively and dismissed Graces comment. “You need to come with me, we need to leave before more men show up.” Derick, who seemed to know this strange pants thief, chimed in: “Do we even know where I should be looking?  Where would they have taken her?” “Where […]

Part 8: Underwear

“I really should get back out there,” Derick groaned, standing up from the couch. He stretched out his arms and cracked his neck before grabbing his bag from the floor. “She’s in class, but if I’m late to tail her again, Andy’s going to have my head.” “If Alice doesn’t already have it,” Wonton added […]

Part 7: Abduction

Anger gave way to dread, and then promptly to panic as Alice searched the strange mans face. “What does he want?” she demanded calmly.  She went to slip her phone in her pocket, deftly hitting a sequence into the volume buttons on the side.  As she clicked the final sequence in, a hand lashed out […]

Part 6: Alice’s Weakness

“Why are you smiling?” Wonton asked, dumping his meager breakfast onto a paper plate and walking around the counter into the living room. “She’s going to be mad.” Derick rifled through his bag, pulling out a very dated flip phone. “She’s always mad,” Derick sighed, rolling his eyes. “Let’s get this over with.”   He […]

Part 5: Coffee

Shit. It suddenly all made sense.  This is what math class was for.  Grace needed to find the center point of a circle in which Alice stood and continually face at a clockwise approaching tangent.  That way, the bruised eye was always facing away from Alice, and there could be a chance that Alice wouldn’t […]

Part 4: Leaving Post

Steam poured out of the bathroom, fogging up the apartment windows. Wonton liked to take incredibly warm showers. Stepping out of the bathtub, he grabbed a towel from underneath the sink. His hair, which he had pulled loose before stepping into the shower, stuck to his neck and cheeks in thin ringlets. He wrapped it […]

Part 3: Painkillers

Wonton glanced slowly around the room and sighed.  He arched his back both forwards and backwards attempting to re-align his spine to upright movement.  He lurched to his feet and began filling the sink with hot water. The window was pointed at a light grey, concrete wall.  That being said though, he always glanced out […]