Part 35: Awakening

Stinson didn’t feel his body hit the wall, or slump to the ground; he merely understood it. He didn’t expect his death to be so sudden. For everything to be so clear and inevitable. If only he hadn’t lost his nerve. That one flicker of resolve, and Marcus had shifted the tides. Stinson weakly smiled […]

Part 34: Alignment Check

For the first time in a long time, Stinson was thinking of someone other than himself. Stinson slipped into the Digenesis Pharmaceuticals building using a hidden back entrance created to hide the movements of Marcus’s soldiers, pressing his loaded glock against his thigh to keep it partially concealed. Stinson walked quietly through what looked like […]

Part 33: Direct Hit

The whispering intensified as he stepped out of the elevator. Oliver knew it was just his shackled hunger wrenching at it’s restraints. If he could sweat, he would be. He straightened his tie and did his best impression of a nonchalant walk across the lobby. What is happening? I’m not perfect, I’ve had human blood before […]

Part 32: Target-Locked Missile

It was quiet and, for some unknown reason, that bothered Oliver. Yes, the silence was almost palpable after all of the noise his rampage in Marcus’s office had caused, but this was too much. As Oliver had travelled up in the elevator and stood in the office, staring down Marcus, he could sense other people […]

Part 31: Repercussions of Blood

The Digenesis Pharmaceuticals building was a massive, concrete paneled monolith. The windows were all a tinted glass that were perfect mirrors of the cloudy sky. It’s four sides had tall, thin ribs running up between windows. At the bottom they curved out and became columns that people can walk in between. The building looks as […]

Part 30: Its Likeness

“Marcus offered us nothing. He has been trying to wipe us out for decades, why would he suddenly offer us such a powerful weapon?” A tense silence fell between Ghol’Toruk and Stinson as they waited for the other to speak, waited for the other to make the next move. This was more than a game […]

Part 29: Fathers and Authors

Derek watched Oliver step out. For a moment he worried that Oliver wouldn’t move far enough away for him to slip out, but at the last moment he managed to squeeze past. “You made it. I’m glad.” Oliver seemed to unnaturally jump backwards away from the voice. Even Derek had to look around for a […]